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The Business Development Formula is one of the most powerful tools you'll find to assess your business and identify opportunities to improve. Use it continually to find ways that you can improve the most. When an improvement to the business is made, find new opportunities and continue to grow and improve. The Business Development Formula is an excellent tool for dealer networks and retail chains where a management support team is in the field. It allows them to easily assess the business that they are supporting and identify opportunities to improve sales and grow. It is best when used by dealers and retailers directly because it acts as an internal compass to to drive growth and sales.

THE BRAND: The brand is concentric to The Formula. A well built and positioned brand can pave the way to selling more products, with greater ease, for more profit. Building the brand at every point of contact (EPOC) is a prerequisite to achieving significant brand equity and can catapult your business beyond. 

PRODUCT MIX: Maintaining an outstanding selection of products or services will ensure that you have something for everyone. Dabbling to test the waters is a path to losing  money. There's an absolute co-relation between sales volume and product mix so do your homework and stack them high and watch them fly! 

DISPLAY: It doesn't matter if you're selling online or offline! The way a product or service is displayed can greatly determine how valuablbe it seems and can dramatically impact pricing. The end goal is to always make a product or service look ten times more compelling than it actually is! 

SALES PRESENTATION:  Quite often the one with the best "engineered" sales presentation will win the sale regardless of whether or not the product or service is superior. That is why it's mission critical for anyone that deals or interacts with a buyer to be fully trained before attempting a sale of any kind! 

MARKETING: Don't spend a penny until your branding and parts one, two and three of the formula are in place. Failure to do so will only result in low conversion rates, overspending and the belief that marketing does not work. If you did't already know, many of the old ways are out and the internet is in! 

CRITICAL SERVICES: So now that you have mastered everything up to marketing you think you're on your way right? Think again! Providing a friction free  experience will differentiate your business and turn your customers into walking, talking billboards while keeping them coming back time and time again. 

OPERATIONS: Operational excellence is about making your business work like a fine tuned machine. The cornerstone of this is leveraging technology and documenting your company’s best practices. When the company works like a machine, it's more fun and allows the team to spend more time on sales!


"We came into the hot tub business with professional sales knowledge and lots of ability but we did not know the industry. We referenced the formula at the very beginning and still do so today. It's an easy way to look at the important aspects of our business to help supercharge sales and profits. Bill Watson is a Legend!"

Greg Butler,  President
Bubbas Hot Tubs

"The Formula works period. The trick is to attend a discovery session or training workshop to really uncover the power of this business development concept. I was introduced to this many years ago and it put our business on steroids. I use this approach almost daily now and the results for our retailers is incredible."

Chris Dawe,  Territory Director
Hydropool Inc.

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