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Starting and growing a business is no easy task. With so many moving parts, operators are continually faced with performing numerous functions and working long hours. We understand and if your business isn't growing, it's dying, so it's imparative to grow sales while keeping all other parts of the business working well. Our "Formulas" are outstanding and practical business development tools to help focus on consistent brand implementation while improving important parts of your business. 


After setting your brand identity in stone, methodologically identify opportunities to improve your business and implement solutions one by one. Over time, you'll find that your business will grow and improve like no other but remember... you're ONLY as strong as your weakest link!  

BIZ DEVELOPMENT: The business development formula is one of the most powerful tools you'll find to assess your business and identify opportunities to grow. Use it continually to find ways that you can improve and when a task is complete, find new opportunities and continue to grow.

DIGITAL MARKETING: Digital marketing can be one of the most effective ways to increase sales. A well built plan will pave the way to creating a powerful internet presence and will make it easier to structure ad campaigns. When everything's in place, continually measure and improve to maximize results.

SALES MEETING: The meeting formula is highly effective for companies that manage sales agents and any business that wants to hold highly productive sales and marketing meetings. Dial in your meeting agenda with specific sales and marketing action items that impact sales and reduce meetings about meetings!   


"We came into the hot tub business with professional sales knowledge and lots of ability but we did not know the industry. We referenced the formula at the very beginning and still do so today. It's an easy way to look at the important aspects of our business to help supercharge sales and profits. Bill Watson is a Legend!"

Greg Butler,  President
Bubbas Hot Tubs

"The Formula works period. The trick is to attend a discovery session or training workshop to really uncover the power of this business development concept. I was introduced to this many years ago and it put our business on steroids. I use this approach almost daily now and the results for our retailers is incredible."

Chris Dawe,  Territory Director
Hydropool Inc.

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