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The methodical implementation of your digital marketing strategy will deliver the most traffic to your website. Our digital marketing formula is an outstanding tool to help you visualise the correct steps that you must take in order to maximize your digital marketing efforts. Many companies move forward without an established brand identity and without a formal marketing plan. This compromises all other efforts because it creates inconsistency at the creative and communication level and there isn't a clear understanding of the important key words and key phrases to use when designing and building digital marketing properties. With all digital marketing functions implemented correctly,  there should be no reason why you can't generate outstanding traffic to your web site at an affordable price. Outstanding traffic along with the right conversion tactics will drive leads or sales and position your digital marketing efforts as one of the best ways to grow your business.      

THE BRAND: The brand is concentric to The Formula. A well built and positioned brand can pave the way to selling more products, with greater ease, for more money. Building the brand at every point of contact (EPOC) is a prerequisite to achieving significant brand equity and can catapult your business beyond. 

MARKETING PLAN: There's nothing more effective than a well built digital marketing plan to act as a road map for growing sales. With everything properly laid out, you and your team will know exactly what needs to be done and when. They say failing to plan is planning to fail so always establish your plan first.  

OPTIMIZED SITE:  Organic traffic to your website is king. It's said that 80% of traffic goes to the first position of search results and everything else diminishes from there. Having a properly optimized website will also improve your website structure and will naturally improve your visitors user experience. 

GOOGLE ADS:  Google remains the number one search engine because it delivers the best quality search results. Even if you're the king for any given organic search term you can't optimize for all of the variables. Google ads let you prepare for any search query and is critical to any digital marketing plan. 

FITGY SOCIAL: Social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and YouTube (FITGY) are amazing ways to drive awareness for your brand and your products. When used correctly, they can drive additional traffic to your web site and can be a great assist to growing sales and profits.

SOCIAL ADS: Unlike search engine advertising that works when people are looking, social media advertising interrupts people's news feeds with your carefully crafted message. A properly designed social media ad should not look like and ad. When done correctly, the ads help build your brand and drive traffic to your website.

MEASURE & IMPROVE: Your digital marketing efforts are never complete. When you think you have all of the important aspects of your plan covered it's important carefully review your performance each month. Look for opportunities and ways to improve, make adjustments and continue the process. 


"We came into the hot tub business with professional sales knowledge and lots of ability but we did not know the industry. We referenced the formula at the very beginning and still do so today. It's an easy way to look at the important aspects of our business to help supercharge sales and profits. Bill Watson is a Legend!"

Greg Butler,  President
Bubbas Hot Tubs

"The Formula works period. The trick is to attend a discovery session or training workshop to really uncover the power of this business development concept. I was introduced to this many years ago and it put our business on steroids. I use this approach almost daily now and the results for our retailers is incredible."

Chris Dawe,  Territory Director
Hydropool Inc.

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