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Marketing Plans


Marketing Plan

Your Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan

Your overall marketing strategy combined with your marketing plan will greatly drive the success of your business. There's nothing more reassuring than establishing a sound marketing strategy that's detailed in a well written marketing plan. Defining your brand to ensure that all electronic and digital assets are created and deployed with consistency is important. Over time, your audience will recognize your brand and if their experience is memorable and friction free it will drive numerous repeat sales and referrals. The main goal of promoting your brand should be driving awareness to such a point that it becomes a popular search term that you own in search engine results.

A marketing plan that follows the 5 P’s of marketing is always helpful to help guide your activities in the key areas of importance. Establishing the right product mix is the first part of the business development formula and making sure that you have the right products at the right price should always be the foundation of your marketing plan. When a customer visits your retail store or website they should immediately determine that there’s something in store for them. There’s nothing more true than “stack them high and watch them fly” when establishing your product mix so be sure to do your best assemble a colossal selection of products that meet the needs of almost every customer that your business comes into contact with.

Your promotional efforts will most likely be in the form of electronic and printed marketing collateral so detailing these items in your marketing plan will help you focus on the activities that will ensure your success.  The cornerstone of a successful marketing plan includes identifying keywords and key phrases that can be part of your digital marketing efforts so it's imperative that you do the work and take the time to get this part of your plan right. Placement is usually static but you never know what opportunities may present themselves so you need to be on the lookout for new and exciting placement opportunities. With this said we think it’s best to cement your primary distribution channels in stone but always be on the lookout for new channels of distribution and write this into your marketing plan to keep you flexible and on the lookout.


If you don't currently have a marketing plan we can point you in the right direction or we can write the plan with you. We use an easy to execute format that follows the 5 P's of marketing. This includes (1) persona (brand), (2) product, (3) price, (4) placement and (5) promotion. When the important details are outlined in the marketing plan you will have a deeper understanding of your market opportunities and challenges and will be more organized to beat your competition. Don't under estimate the power of a well thought out marketing plan to advance your brand and increase your sales. We find this is an area that most business can improve upon and if you want to have a powerful internet presence a marketing plan is the first step in the Digital Marketing Formula.      

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