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Holding productive sales meetings are an important way to keep an organization up to date and manitain an open line of communication.  The sales meeting formula is a great meeting format to follow because it always begins on a positive note and it eventually builds to holding your team accountable to specific action items. Many businesses with independent sales agents or company sales representatives work in the field with no clear objectives when calling on accounts. Dealers and retailers often hold staff meetings with no engineered agenda to promote actionable sales and marketing related activities. When used consistently, the meeting agenda helps to action on the opportunities identified in the business development formula and the digital marketing formula. Use it consistently and use it often and it will even eliminate the dreaded meeting about the meeting!   

THE BRAND: The brand is concentric to The Formula. A well built and positioned brand can pave the way to selling more products, with greater ease, for more money. Building the brand at every point of contact (EPOC) is a prerequisite to achieving significant brand equity and can catapult your business beyond. 

GOOD NEWS & WINS: Celebrating good news and wins can go along way to building high morale and creating a winning culture. Starting your sales and marketing meetings with a positive keeps your meeting upbeat and your team will look forward to receiving praise for their hard work and efforts .

COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE: If  you're are a leader in your market or industry you know that the competition is stiff. Understanding what your competition is doing, or not, can help you take immediate action where necessary or start planning to address potentially changing market conditions in advance.   

PK & SALES TRAINING:  Product knowledge is a prerequisite to an engineered sales presentation and anyone that interfaces with a buyer needs an in depth understanding of your products and services. Continually work on ways to improve your PK and engineer the best sales presentation possible together.  

TERRITORY UPDATE: Where a business maintains independent sales agents or company representatives the territory update instills a level of accountability that ensures specific actions are being taken to impact sales. Territory updates include progress on new accounts, existing account updates and territory news.  

OUR PLAN:  This is where you discuss and reinforce your companies sales and marketing plans and how the plans intended to impact sales for the members attending the meeting. Be sure to communicate company activities that are of great benefit to meeting attendees, gain buy in and feedback and new ideas.

YOUR PLAN: This is the point where you're able to ask attendees to identify specific action items that they'll commit to before the next meeting. This is how you can advance your sales and marketing agenda and positively impact sales. Accountability and urgency should be a built in dynamic of the meeting.    


"We came into the hot tub business with professional sales knowledge and lots of ability but we did not know the industry. We referenced the formula at the very beginning and still do so today. It's an easy way to look at the important aspects of our business to help supercharge sales and profits. Bill Watson is a Legend!"

Greg Butler,  President
Bubbas Hot Tubs

"The Formula works period. The trick is to attend a discovery session or training workshop to really uncover the power of this business development concept. I was introduced to this many years ago and it put our business on steroids. I use this approach almost daily now and the results for our retailers is incredible."

Chris Dawe,  Territory Director
Hydropool Inc.

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