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SEO Services & SEO Consulting

Recent industry metrics show that growing your website traffic via traditional SEO (search engine optimization) best practices gives you a better return than paid online advertising. In fact, it’s said that first organic listings receive up to 80% of search related traffic. A website without a SEO strategy will usually not perform well. Keep in mind that SEO and web development are separate services and skill sets. Don’t assume that the person or company that you hire will implement SEO best prices when they build your site.

Identifying the right keywords should be part of your marketing plan and this should be completed before the build or before any SEO work is performed to an existing site. If you need help bringing an existing website up to date with current SEO standards, Extreme Sales Group can help. SEO services remains your best source for website traffic and Google might be indexing your pages with keywords in a way you didn’t intend or realize. The goal is to structure your web site in a way that delivers an exceptional user experience with engaging content. We then implement SEO best practises so that Google and other search engines will index the pages correctly.

Establishing the right conversion objective and implementing it on your website should be your primary goal. With this in place along with SEO best practices, your web site should realize notable organic website traffic that converts into a sale or lead. Once all of the on page SEO (search engine optimization) opportunities have been taken advantage of, you can turn your attention to off page SEO tactics. Think of this like a popularity contest. The more your web site is mentioned on other websites around the world, the more popular Google believes it to be. This is why some websites that are poor from a technical SEO standpoint can outrank websites that are built with all SEO best practices in place.   

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